Handicap Calculator App

• Easy to use
• No limitations
• No restrictions
• No adverts
• Uses USGA handicap formula

Calculate handicaps for as many golfers as you like.
The screen wont get cluttered with rarely used players because the app sorts the lists of players based on most recent scores. Regularly used players will float to the top of the list and the players you rarely add scores for will appear lower down.

Add rating and slope details for as many courses as you like.
Just like the players, the course you play on a regular basis will be at the top of the list and courses like that one you played in the caribbean 4 years ago will sink down to the bottom.

This app follows the USGA handicap formula. The details of which are included within the app's help system.

As you add scores, your handicap gets recalculated automatically. Your list of scores uses subtle colors to show you which scores are being used to calculate your handicap and which are not.

• Light green background = USED
• White background = Recent but NOT USED
• Light red background = Not recent - NOT USED at all

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